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How to promote a wedding venue

You may have an amazing space to throw a wedding party. But if people aren’t aware that it exists, then it will likely be left collecting dust, rather than picking up bookings.

Effectively promoting your venue will ensure regular clients throughout the year, and it doesn’t have to come at a great cost. You simply need the right mix of marketing strategies to get your venue in front of couples planning their big day.

Here are seven simple ways to promote your wedding venue.

wedding venue

Effective promotion is crucial to securing a steady stream of bookings. Picture: Sweet Ice Cream Photography/Unsplash

1. Build a website

Setting up a website to showcase your venue is essential. This will create the foundation of your digital marketing strategy, with the goal of advertising elsewhere to drive traffic to your site.

Interested customers will likely visit your page multiple times before contacting you. Therefore, it is essential your online asset sets the desired tone and appeals to both brides and wedding planners. Include videos, as many high-quality images as possible, and testimonials that help build trust and an emotional connection with your venue.

Be sure to clearly display your property’s location and layout, the hire price, and the packages that you offer. Some venues choose to hold some information back and urge interested parties to contact them. However, this can backfire and turn couples away.

2. Establish a presence on social media

Visual platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook are key promotional tools for wedding industry professionals. You will need to set up accounts for your venue and regularly post attractive visual content.

To increase reach, you can pay for posts targeting people interested in weddings in your area. You should also encourage couples and guests to include your venue name in the hashtag section of their posts, as this is powerful free promotion.

wedding venue

Regularly posting wedding-related content to social media will help drive users to your website. Picture: Alasdair Elmes/Unsplash

3. Advertise on Spacely

List your wedding venue for hire on The well-known website connects Australians with venues that are suitable for their needs.

It is a popular go-to destination for brides looking for rustic barns, funky warehouses, unique spaces, and glamorous reception rooms. You can list your venue with high-impact photographs and key details including location and price. Interested parties will be able to click through to your website and contact you directly.

4. Promote your venue on wedding websites and magazines

Planning a wedding is a big job and many brides don’t know where to begin, so they often start by browsing local wedding websites and magazines for ideas. These create a great platform to advertise. However, they tend to be more expensive than other options and may require you to hire a graphic designer to produce some marketing material.

5. Attend bridal expos

Hundreds of women attend bridal expos every year. By exhibiting at events in your local area, you can interact closely with brides preparing for the big day. This provides an opportunity to generate leads and in some cases lock in bookings at discount prices on the day.

Expos are also a great way of meeting other wedding businesses in your area. Creating local networks not only increases your venue’s credibility, but also increases your chances of receiving referrals from other local businesses.

Connecting with other local businesses is a good way to increase awareness of your venue. Picture: Mimi Thian/Unsplash

6. Offer tours and hold open day events

Letting couples visit your venue will help them visualise their wedding and forge an emotional connection to the venue, which will help you close the deal.

Offer private viewings by appointment but also drum up attention by advertising open days several times a year. You can promote these dates through social media, email and expos, and offer both group and private walk-throughs.

7. Create content

When getting ready for a wedding, brides carry out a lot of research and love to read anything they can get their hands on. So, consider writing a blog or being a guest blogger on wedding websites.

These posts should be branded, but they shouldn’t directly promote your venue. You can write helpful guides on how to pick and decorate a venue, or offer tips on organising a stress-free wedding.

Quality content will help position you as a thought-leader in your industry – increasing awareness of your venue and shoring up your status as a trustworthy operator.

Creating your own blog or writing posts for other websites will position you as an authority on wedding planning. Picture: Nick Morrison/Unsplash

Your next steps

Promoting your wedding venue is a simple way to boost bookings, but knowing where to advertise is a common stumbling block.

Your best bet is to use multiple marketing channels – rather than solely relying on social media – and to ask every new booking how they heard about your venue, so that you begin to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. That way, you can fine-tune your marketing strategy as you go.

To learn more about how you can advertise your space, visit Spacely.

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